How can the pre-employment screening process help retailers?   

According to data of employees across the UK, almost one in three jobseekers (38%) have lied on their CV at least once, with almost a quarter of all those questioned (24%) admitting to doing it on a regular basis. 

Pre-employment screening checks can make all the difference in the retail industry. They safeguard employers against the risk of loss due to theft or fraud, as well as increasing the quality of the people they employ.   

There are three main background checks that should be included in a retail recruitment policy to make sure that the people being employed are right for the job and pose no risk to the company and customers.  

Basic Criminal Record Check  

Criminal record checks, also known as DBS checks, are carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for England and Wales. This check will be able to tell a company whether their candidate has a history of any criminal activity.    

It is up to the employer’s discretion as to whether the information they receive will affect the individual’s application, but it is important to know the background of a candidate before considering them for a position.  

Employment References  

References are an important factor of recruitment for one main reason; they validate what the candidate has put on their CV and told you during selection. can provide an extra layer of protection via our fraud algorithm, ensuring the referee is not actually the candidate trying to falsify their references.  

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS), Adverse Media, International Sanctions  

PEPs checks investigate if a Politically Exposed Person is connected to a company. Sanctions checks are specialised searches that include multiple international sanction databases that identify companies and individuals who are banned from certain activities or industries.  

Lastly, Adverse Media checks enable businesses to quickly search a vast array of media sources for historical publishing’s which may pose reputational risk to your organisation.  

These checks maybe relevant to those who hold senior management positions.  

Written by Robin Clarke

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