The growing importance of background checking for small and medium enterprises

Background checking may seem like the preserve of large enterprise organisations, but the reality is very different. 

With increasing regulation and far greater scrutiny on employee backgrounds, the risks of a bad hire are greater than ever before, especially for smaller businesses. The potential impact of hiring a risky employee on a small business can be catastrophic. 

Why background check? 

Due to the nature of small businesses, staff often have greater access and freedom than their equivalents in larger organisations. This freedom is liberating and provides a great atmosphere for problem solving and entrepreneurial behaviour, but it also poses a greater risk. 

Those employees may have access to accounts and confidential information, and you wouldn’t want someone with a history of misdemeanours or a record of abusing this position at the risk of your business. 

Secondly, an employer could find themselves under scrutiny should an employee do something which endangers a customer or existing member of staff. If it becomes clear that employee had a record of poor behaviour and the business didn’t run the applicable level of background check, the owner could find themselves in hot water and facing legal action. 

Thirdly, should something negative happen, the business and the reputation of the brand could take a painful hit. By background checking all staff, owners cover themselves from future damage that could impact the business. 

Finally, the cost of a bad hire can sometimes be on a smaller scale than these worst-case scenarios. It is possible to hire someone who just isn’t right for the role and perhaps that doesn’t become obvious until after their probation is finished. Perhaps a missing qualification went unnoticed, or the applicant lied on their CV. This would have been revealed during a background check and the company would not have hired that person, thereby dodging an inconvenient situation.  

Every business knows how expensive firing and hiring a new employee can be. In this way, running background checks saves money in the long run.

What can I do?

Now we have discussed why background checks are so important for small to medium businesses, we’ll quickly look at some of the options available to do them. 

  1. Do it yourself 

This is often the most attractive option to small business owners and one which is feasible but comes with significant pitfalls and challenges. In theory, it is possible to do a comprehensive background check yourself. All the data is available if you know where to get it from, you have the consent of the individual being checked and you’re willing to pay for the checks directly. However, this approach requires a significant amount of knowledge of the ins and outs of background checking (like the most recent regulation and legislation) and this manual approach required it can take a long time. 

  1. Outsource it 

There are plenty of companies out there who offer full background checking and screening packages. These are great, can be relatively speedy and are sure to be compliant and up to speed with all the latest regulation. However, the issue is that these are companies that employ teams of people to run checks, chase up individuals and manage the process. They are better suited to fulfilling large quantities of checks and without those economies of scale to force down the price, small business owners will find the costs inhibitive. 

  1. Use an automated online platform 

This is a preferable option for those wanting reliable checks completed seamlessly, where results can be provided quickly – enter We provide a wide variety of checks (and even custom checks) within an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. This cost-effective solution allows you to pay per check and is fully compliant with current regulations. We’ve created a streamlined workflow where employers can view the status of their requested checks anytime.  


For many small business owners, the idea of background checking anything beyond a brief online search is impractical. Time is tight, money is tight and when you find someone who seems good for the job you want them to join as soon as possible. The idea of going through a complicated and expensive 2-3-week background checking process is problematic, and is the solution. 

Hire the right people, faster.  

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