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Background screening can be very time-consuming and fraught with frustration. Believe us, we know. The struggle for updates, the lack of control, the overcomplicated process and wait periods – why does it have to look like this? 

The short answer? It doesn’t. In fact, it could actually look like this: 

With Vetting.com, you could reduce turnaround from weeks to days at a great price. The platform is intuitive, slick and seamless. It centralises all your background screening in one location for a faster, fully compliant and more cost-effective process. Managers, screeners, and applicants get a smooth, frictionless experience and know what’s happening every step of the way. 

One platform, various checks

Inside Vetting.com, you can request many different types of checks, including DBS checks, Identity Verification, Visa, Referencing, Adverse Media, Politically Exposed Person, Credit checks, and more. If we don’t supply a check you’re after, you can make use of our Custom checks. This allows the user to determine the questions the applicants need to answer and the information they need to provide. This way, screeners can keep all applicants on the one platform without needing to outsource. 

A fully-featured, reliable platform 

Our system does all the hard work in the background, allowing all screening to be carried out digitally and by fewer people. This speeds up the process while still providing full visibility for compliance purposes. The result is a smooth, comprehensive background screening process and a fabulous customer experience. Screeners can monitor the status of checks at a glance and maintain visibility throughout the entire process. 

It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you may or may not be, our platform is designed to be user friendly, and built for real people.  
We provide step by step instructions to facilitate an intuitive workflow, meaning you can request and manage all your checks self-sufficiently. We’ve also made it incredibly simple for applicants and referees – checks can easily be completed on a mobile phone or a desktop. 
If you do need help, our friendly team is close at hand to answer your questions in a timely manner. They’re available Monday-Friday by phone or email, just a click or a call away.  

Contact us today to request a demo, or to learn more about Vetting.com


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